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11712 Quinn Lane, Sisseton, SD 57262
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Animikii Music Group offers Audio & Visual Production Services, In-House Distribution for Artists, and Radio Advertisement Production.

Animikii Music Group was founded in 2011 by Cameron Monkman, an Ojibwe from Winnipeg, Manitoba. At the time, Monkman thought it would be a brilliant idea to establish a non-corporate business that would essentially help many native american people carry their roots and culture, through music and film. “Animikii” means “Thunderbird” in the Anishinabe language. The name gave AMG a sense of traditionalspirituality, and strength, something AMG tries to encourage among the Youth. Animikii Music Group is LGBTQ friendly. From Music and Documenary films, to National News and Concert events, the staff at AMG are very dedicated to providing quality service in various communities throughout Turtle Island. It is in our belief that we the “thunderbird” can carry the truth and history of our people to the many nations of the world, not only to inspire, but to keep the History alive.



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